Macbook Air Data Recovery

A friend of ours came in with a Macbook Air and needed some work done. She accidentally erased some of the source files she was using to create a movie. This laptop only had a 64 GB drive. so we weren't too sure how much we'd be able to recover. After a grueling 2 days

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Dental Clinic Workstations and Server

Smile Fixation, a new dental clinic in Berwyn, turned to us to plan their whole IT setup. We planned and set up the whole wired and wireless network with a wireless printer, set up wall-mounted TVs through HDMI, built all of the workstations and the server, and set up a daily backup system. Features: Intel

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Toshiba AC Jack and Base Replacement

A client came to us with a Toshiba laptop that wouldn't charge. Our technician took it apart and noticed that the studs connecting the screen hinge to the plastic base were ripped out, and were forcing the internal AC cable out of its socket. It turns out that the laptop was repeatedly opened with a

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Dental Clinic Custom Workstations

Cusp Dental in Riverwoods needed to upgrade some of their old workstations to tackle X-ray imaging and patient database access, so we came up with a solution. We designed a workstation that fit their needs, came in a compact package, and didn't cost a fortune. They ordered three of these! Features: Intel Core i5 processor

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Power Supply

Power Supply Replacement

We were called in an emergency when the client smelled burned plastic and melted rubber. The computer shut off unexpectedly and no longer turned on. Our tests showed that the power supply had burned out. Thankfully, that was the extent of the damage. We ordered a new power supply unit, installed it, and made sure

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Damaged Screen

Toshiba M305 Screen Replacement

Accidents happen. The owner of this Toshiba was using headphones, and left them on the keyboard when she was done. She then closed the laptop lid which resulted in the screen shattering. Our technician was able to pull out the broken screen, and replace it with a brand new unit to make it like it

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Power Jack During Assembly

Asus G53 Power Jack Replacement

Laptops are made of delicate parts, and when those parts break, a delicate hand is required. This Asus gaming laptop came to us with a broken power jack. The metal pin from the jack broke off inside the charger, so we had to carefully remove it and the old solder, then solder on a new

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Completed Repair

Dell Inspiron 14R Screen Replacement

This Dell came in with a severe display issue. The screen would only show a white background with thin, vertical lines. The first thing we did when diagnosing this issue is plug in an external monitor. Since that worked just fine, we then ran diagnostic tests to make sure all of the internal components were

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Completed Computer

High-End Gaming Computer

In mid October Jerry came to us asking for a customized gaming computer that he can use to play games with his son. We agreed on a budget, and within a day we had a proposal ready to go for him. We picked the parts specifically based on what Jerry wanted to do with this

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Hard Drive in Dock

Accidental Format

The owner of this computer accidentally performed a factory restore, which erased all of his personal documents, tax forms, work files, and (most importantly) all of the photos and videos of his infant son growing up and taking his first steps. This was heartbreaking, but we were called to action and were able to help.

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Disassembled Case

CAD Drafting Computer

Ark Glass & Aluminum in Elk Grove Village was so happy with the first computer we built for them that they turned to us again for a computer capable of handling demanding CAD applications. This computer was designed to process architectural drawings, blueprints, and 3D designs with ease. Features: Intel Core i7 processor 1 TB

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Interior with Lighting

Front Desk Computer

One of our long time clients recommended us to his boss at Ark Glass & Aluminum in Elk Grove Village, and the result was this computer for the front desk. This is a basic machine that is used for multitasking with email, web browsing, financial work, and database access all at the same time. Features:

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Completed Project

Home Theater PC

David A. from Bensenville, Il wanted the ultimate home theater experience. This computer would have to be powerful enough to play the latest games, and have the utmost convenience with a wireless keyboard and mouse. This was the result: Intel Core i7 processor 2 TB hard drive Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 6 GB of memory

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Liquid Cooling

Office Computer

When we opened the company in 2008, we needed a perfect example of what we can do. So we built one. This computer is still running after 4 years of daily use. It handles all of our business applications, remote support requests, and billing. It features a liquid cooling system that chills the processor under

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